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Test Paper Generator FAQ

Operation of Question Paper Generator Software

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Test Generator Software

What type of Questions can be included ? Does it work only for MCQ questions ?

Test Maker is not limited to MCQ tests or multiple choice question and answers. It can handle all type of questions :

With Options Without Options
Multiple Choice Theory
Fill in the blank Numericals
True or False Diagram making
Column Matching Common Passage


Can we include Diagrams, Formulas, Equations & Pictures in the question ?

Yes, we can include Question and options text with diagrams, formulas, equations and pictures.

What languages are supported? Is it possible to make bilingual papers ?

Yes, we can include Questions and answers of any language, even multiple languages.

We can make bilingual test papers and also test paper of first and second language separately.


More FAQs on Creating Question Bank and Storing the Questions

How do we make question bank ?

We enter the questions and answers in the word files. We call them Question Resource files or QR files.

We create our filters and property tags in the Question bank software, and alocate these tags references to the questions in the QR files.

Question text is stored in word files but its properties and classification information is stored in Question Bank Software database.

How do we enter and store questions in the bank ?

In the Addmen Question Paper Generator software we do not store the questions in a database like Excel or Access etc. because it is not possible to store diagrams and equations in tables.

So we enter and store the question data in Word ( .DOC or .DOCX ) files. So that we can store question content of any type containing diagrams, equations, formulas or scanned images.

Screenshot of Word file containing Question Bank (Click on the Image to enlarge)
Screenshot of Word file containing Question Bank (Click on the Image to enlarge)

Download Word File sample layout for Question Bank input

How many Question Resource (QR) word files can we create in bank ?

We can create any number of Question Bank files in our computer. These files can be indexed by the question bank software.

How many questions can be stored in each Question Resource (QR) word file ?

Any number of questions can be stored in a Question Resource (QR) word file, provided the file does not become too heavy for the convenient working of the operator. Though you can maintain subject wise files, but it is always convenient to maintain topic wise files. Subject wise files may become too heavy to open and edit so it is better to keep files small with around 200 questions.

Is there a specific name of Question Resource (QR) word file ?

We can give any desired name to the Question Resource (QR) word files so that it is convenient for us to understand. The software question bank does not have any specific requirement for filename.

Can we include non-MCQ questions ? Can we include passage based Questions ?

Yes, we can include non-MCQ type of questions also. Yes, we can include common passage based questions.

Can we edit questions in the software question bank ?

Yes, we can directly acces the desired question from a large bank of thousands a question by directly clicking the edit button on the software interface. The word file containing that question opens with the cursor on the selected question which can editted and saved.

Can these word files containing the question and answers be accessed only from the Test creation software ?

No, there is no compulsion to open and edit files in the Question Bank software only. These Question Resource (QR) word files can be directly accessed and editted by the operator in Word.

FAQs :: Classification and Tagging of Questions

How to classify the questions ?

There are several filters and property tags in the software like : Subject / Unit, Chapter, Topic, Category / Class, Difficulty Level / Marks Level, Reference etc. These properties can be allocated to a question.

The question content lies in a referenced DOC file called the QR file (Question Reference File) while the properties of the questions are stored in inbuilt database of Question bank software.

Can we have user defined filters ?

Yes we can have user defined filters. We can change the title of the already existitng filters and add our own filters for classification of questions.

We can create nested (interdependant) filters like- Unit-Chapter-Topic. We can also create simple filters like- Category, Difficulty Level, Marking Scheme, Question Type etc..

FAQs :: Question Selection, Test Creation and Question Shuffling

What is the mode of question selection ?

It finds questions by random selection from software Question Bank based on the properties or filters specified in the blueprint.

Can we avoid repitition of previously used questions ?

During random selection the software gives priority to the least-used questions. It prefers not to repeat previously used questions unless there is shortage of fresh questions.

We can also selectively exclude questions of any particular blueprint.

How to define test paper blueprint ?

Test paper blue print can be defined in the blue print panel. When we select the desired properties, the question generator software shows us the count of available questions matching that property. Then we enter the desired numbers of question based on that property in the question paper.

How many blue prints and question papers can be made ?

Any number of Question paper blue prints can be made and stored in the question bank software library for later use.

Any number of question papers can be made for a given blueprint. Each question paper will contain unique questions unless there is shortage of questions.

How to make multiple sets of same question paper ?

For every question paper about 100 different sets can be made by question shuffler software. Question shuffling takes place within a section so questions of two different subjects or sections do not get mixed.

Answer key also gets shuffled simultaneously alongwith question shuffling.

FAQs :: The output of the Question and Answer Software

In what form we get the Question paper output ?

QPG creates printable output for pen & paper based tests and it also generates tabular soft copy output which can be used as an online question bank input to Online Test System.

Screenshot of Word File containing Question Paper
generated by the Question Paper Generator Software

Click on image to enlarge

Download Word File Sample for
Question Paper Output
Screenshot of Word File containing Answerkey of testpaper
generated by the Question and Answer Software

Click on image to enlarge

Download Word File Sample for
Answer Key Output

Can we generate Bilingual Question papers?

Yes, we can generate bilingual Question papers if we have created the second language bank also. The Test creation software does not translate the questions.

Besides bilingual question paper, if we want we can generate only first language or only second language question papers also.

We can get question paper in gujarati, marathi, telugu or any other language. We can get question papers in arabic also.

Screenshot of Word File containing Bilingual Questions
to be used as input

Click on image to enlarge
Screenshot of Word File for Bilingual Questions Paper
generated by the Question Generator Software

Click on image to enlarge


Can we change the numbering pattern of MCQ options from A,B,C,D to 1,2,3,4 ?

Yes, we can change the settings of the question generator software to get the desired way of numbering in our MCQ test paper output. like: A,B,C,D   or   1,2,3,4   or   a,b,c,d   or   i,ii,iii,iv   etc.

Can we customize the output and add watermark & logo to the test paper ?

Yes, the user can create their own output template in word, which the Question papers software will use to create question papers. You can change the size, orientation and header- footer of the final output word file and add your logo and desired watermark to it.

Can we get classification detail of a questions in a test question paper ?

Yes, we can get the classification details of the questions alongwith the generated test question paper. The classification tags are also transferred to OMR MCQ Test Checker Software so that we can get the Tag wise analysis of each question in the Testpaper generated by question answer software.

We can also get in Excel file, the question shuffle order mapping of multiple sets of the same question paper created by the question shuffler.

FAQs :: Question Paper Generator Software operation

Can the question paper be checked automatically ?

Yes, the Question papers generated by the MCQ Test Generator Software can be checked automatically using the MCQ Test Checker Software.

Can multi-users work on network ?

Yes, multiple users can work simultaneously on the system if you have a multi-user license of the multiple choice test software.

What is the use of Question and Answer Software?

Question Paper Generator is also known as Question Bank Software.

Making assignment sheets, daily practice test, weekly test, Test series, Online Test etc. is a repetitive and time consuming process which involes both teacher and the computer operator. But these tasks can be very quickly and conveniently done within mintes using the Question Paper Software.

Institutions that conduct frequent tests like Coaching classes for competitive exams can use this Question Bank Software to create testpapers in minutes without much dependancy on computer operators.

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