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Ready-to-use OMR sheet layouts which can be printed directly

More layouts can be created by the users in their software.

Design No. OMR v12 Sheets Size B/W Color
112029 Standard 50 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112030 Standard 60 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112031 Standard 90 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112024 Standard 100 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112025 Standard 120 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112026 Standard 150 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112027 Standard 180A A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112028 Standard 180B A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112021 Standard 200 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112022 Standard 250 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112023 Standard 300 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112031 JEE Main13 (90) A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112036 JEE Adv13 P1 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112037 JEE Adv13 P2 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112038 JEE Adv14 P1 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112039 JEE Adv14 P2 A4 PDF CDR PDF CDR
112034 Standard 50 Half A4 PDF CDR    

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How to Upload OMR Results on Website ?

Add this link to your website:

Host Address :
  • Open My Computer and type your Host Address in the address bar and press enter.
  • Login Panel will appear on the screen. Enter your username and password and click on logon button.
  • If login screen does not appear then click on ‘File Menu > Login as Command’.
  • If login is successful then your FTP content will display in the window.
  • Create a folder of your TEST ID at server.
  • Copy the OMR sheets and PDF files generated by OMR software in the ADDMEN/DATA folder.
  • Paste these files into the TEST ID folder created at server.

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