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Online Test Creation Software
( Operation by Administrator )

Online Testing System
( Operation by Candidate )

Free Online Mock Test facility for candidates appearing in competitive and recruitment exams

Most of the competitive exams like JEE, CAT, IBPS, GATE, NEET, Aptitude and many others have now implemented online examination system. In near future, it might also be implemented for some other competitve examinations like CPT etc.

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Online Test Result Analysis &
Graphical Performance Report

for each individual candidate

Addmen provides free Online Test Series and Online Practice Tests to students,

with free Online Test series for Bank, IBPS, JEE, CAT, GATE, NEET etc..on actual online exam system used by many organisations.

Students can have a feel of the step-by-step process of Online Examination System begining from online test registration to the end at online test results.

Step - by - Step process of Online Test System:

  • STEP 1 > Register using Online Registration in the online test registration form given below on this page as you will do on the online test website.
  • STEP 2 > Username & Password will be sent on you via email and by SMS. Provide a correct and active email ID, along with your mobile no.
  • STEP 3 > Once you receive the username and password, you have to come back to this page and login to the online test taking software as you will do on the online test website of your online examination.
  • STEP 4 > You will reach your home panel where you will see the list of Online tests available for you to solve. Click on the 'Start Test' button to choose the test to solve.
  • STEP 5 > You will reach the online test solution panel of the online test taking system. The online test timer will not start untill you press the "Start Test" button.
  • Your Name, ID and Photo will be visible on the screen for the invigilator to validate that you are the same person giving the test who has filled the form.
  • You will also find link to read the online test instructions. Read the online question paper instructions carefully before you start hte online test solution.
  • STEP 6 > Start to solve the online mock test question paper. You can navigate through all the questions at your choice unless the online examination system for your type of examination restricts you from jumping between online test mcq question sections.
  • You can read the questions and answer them, if you want to save your answer, then press the "Next" button and move to the next question. If you directly click on another question number to view another question, the answer of the previous mcq question will be saved but tagged as "not final", so that you can view it later.
  • If you logout by mistake or due to power failure, your responses to online multiple choice questions in online question paper will will be saved and your time consumed will also be saved. When you will login again, you will get the time remaining for that online test paper and all your question and answers will be saved, so you can continue to solve your online mcq test. You can test this by intentionally closing your online testing software window in the middle of the test without saving your test.
  • STEP 7 > Press the final Submit button if you have finished solving your test. Even if you dont press, the test will be automatically saved when the online test period is over.
  • You can see the detailed result instantly on completion of the test from your home panel. This is not applicable for entrance exams, but most institute who give free online test series for competitive exams allow you to immediately see your online results.
  • To see free online test software video from Step 3 to Step 7 CLICK HERE.

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