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About OMR Test or MCQ Test

OMR Tests are generally Objective Tests using Multiple Choice Question (MCQ). OMR Tests are common these days in various types of Entrance exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE, CPMT, MH-CET, GUJ-CET, CA-CPT, Bank PO, UPSC etc. OMR Tests are conducted by various education institutes for administrating the admission process and scholarship.

Most educational institutes have started using OMR Sheet based MCQ test pattern for internal and session tests also.

In some OMR Tests, the OMR Sheets have bubbles, while others contain checkboxes. Candidates are required to fill the circles/bubbles completely; and in case of boxes they are required to make a tick mark only.

See OMR Sheet Filling Instructions for OMR Tests.

OMR Test Pattern

OMR Tests have different evaluation and marking patterns in as per the examinations held. Some MCQ Tests have Negative marking scheme while others have only positive marks for correct question. Some OMR Tests have complex Marking pattern where different types of marking schemes are applicable on different sections/groups of MCQs or Multiple choice questions.

Examples of OMR Tests

Widely used in MCQ Examination, Surveys, Assessments and Recruitment, Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), involves the scanning of paper sheets to detect pen or pencil marks made at specific points. MCQ OMR answer sheet, OMR Application form for admission or recruitment, and course or service assessment forms are daily examples that are based on OMR technology.

Addmen OMR Software fully supports all type of objective examination pattern in India and many other countries.

MCQ Test OMR Sheet format

Standard sheet layouts used in popular exams like IIT, NEET CPT, IBPS etc. are commonly required by most users. To facilitate the users these OMR Sheet formats are created by Addmen which any OMR user can download using this Free Sync facility.

This is also very useful for multi-branch institutes using which OMR Sheets created at any branch can be transmitted to other branches also.

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