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About OMR Sheet...

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All about OMR Sheets

OMR Sheets are special printouts containing circles or elliptical bubbles or boxes used as marking areas where the candidate marks using a blue/black pen or pencil.

OMR Sheet is also known as: OMR Answer Sheet, OMR Test Sheet, MCQ Test Sheet, ORS, Objective Response Sheet, Oval Sheet, Bubble Sheet etc.

The OMR Sheet Reader software is a software solution that reads these specific circles and bubbles and converts the information into OMR data.

False Concept about OMR Sheets > People mostly think that OMR sheets have special 2 colour printing on thick paper and must be purchased. This is not true.

Current knowledge about OMR Sheets > The fact is that today more than 90% OMR users design & print their own OMR sheets using our OMR sheet design software.

Uses of OMR Sheet

  • MCQ Examination
  • Recruitment
  • Feedback Form
  • Survey & Questionnaires
  • Training & Assesment
  • Ballot Paper for Polling
  • HR Projects Outsourcing
  • Attendance Sheets
  • Inventory Cards
  • Process Control Sheets

OMR Sheet / OMR Answer Sheet

New type OMR Sheet for simple design & printingOMR Answer sheets are used for mcq tests based on Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Test pattern.

Candidates mark their choices on the MCQ OMR Sheet and it is used to prepare result.

OMR Answer Sheets are basically used by educational institution for conducting regular Objective test in class or for Admission or Scholarship.

Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker (Module A) is required for reading such test answer sheets. This OMR test answer sheet checker has inbuilt OMR answer sheet design software.

OMR Form / OMR Application Form

OMR Form with OCR Image & BarcodeOMR data capture forms are used in OMR data collection to gather correct details of the candidate.

OMR forms are easy way of OMR data collection, tabulating and analyzing the information.

OMR Forms are mostly used by Educational Institution, Recruitment Firms, Product Feedback & Survey Companies, Marketing Research Firms to save time and get accurate information.

Addmen OMR Form Reader Software (Module B) is required for reading such sheets. This OMR application form reader has inbuilt OMR form designer.

OMR Form + OMR Answer Sheet (Hybrid)

Old Pattern sheets can also be used- Not RecommendedOMR Sheets which have some fields for data collection and others like questions and roll no. related to test are called hybrid sheets.

A hybrid sheet is a combo of OMR test sheet and OMR application form.

Hybrid sheets are mostly used for events where the purpose is to collect data at the time of test like in Admission or Scholarship tests where the participant is unkown.

Also used in government exams to cross validate information already provided in application form.

Combo of OMR Answer Sheet Checker + OMR Form Reader (Module A+B) is required.

OMR Sheet Design

OMR Sheets are created using OMR Sheet Design Software. This OMR form designer is integrated in the Addmen OMR Software.

OMR Sheets have black colour index point which are at the corner of the sheet. The index points on the 4 corners of the sheet are the most important parameter of an OMR Sheet. Any design just containing bubbles cannot be called an OMR Sheet because it might not have correct parameters and dimensions as per OMR requirements. So it is important that the OMR sheets to be read the OMR sheet checker software are created using the omr sheet design software.

  • Many OMR sheet formats are available readymade in the OMR sheet reader software.
  • More new OMR Sheet designs can be made in any size using the OMR form designer.
  • OMR sheets can be created in any desired layout and can contain as many MCQ questions or OMR data blocks that can be accomodated on a piece of paper.
  • Generally an A4 size sheet can easily contain upto 300 question with 5 options. Click here to see OMR sheet samples.
  • Smaller OMR answer sheets can be designed for less no. of MCQ questions in Half A4 size to save paper.
  • Two sided (duplex) OMR sheets can be also be printed and processed.
  • Addmen OMR Software automatically caliberates the sheet at the time of OMR sheet designing while in other OMR Softwares manual OMR Sheet caliberation is required. Addmen's auto caliberation technique saves time and effort and is more accurate.
  • Addmen OMR Software can also caliberate old pattern OMR Machine based Sheets.

Many different types of blocks can be placed on a OMR Sheet like:

  • General MCQ Block (for answers in ABCDE format);
  • Numeric Block (for number value or Integer answer in 0,1,2,3..format);
  • Matrix Block (for column matching type response or true and false type answers);
  • Alpha-Numeric Block (for picking candidate name and other details)
  • Image Block (for geting candidate picture & signature)
  • OCR Block (for geting Form/Sheet No. from pre printed text)
  • Barcode Block (for geting Form/Sheet No.)

Instructions for OMR Sheet Printing

OMR sheet format used in Addmen OMR Software are very simple to design and economical to print. Now the OMR sheet cost is almost negligible as you can print your own OMR sheets.

  • For printing prefer to use the Corel Draw file of the OMR design exported by the software.
  • This CorelDraw file can be edited to add your organisation Name, Logo and other necessary information without disturbing the Index points or OMR circles.
  • PDF file should be used only for viewing or printing if CorelDraw is not available.


Paper used for OMR Sheet Printing

  • The Addmen OMR sheet scanning software finally reads the OMR sheet scanned image so it is not affected by the thickness of the paper.
  • Normal 70 gsm A4 paper that we use in our laser printers can be used for OMR sheet printing. It is commonly available in the market.
  • There is no need to use thick paper. If you want, thick paper can also be used. Thickeness of paper is only increased if the MCQ test conditions are not proper so there are chances of damage to the sheet or if the sheets are to be transported from long distances and stored for longer time.
  • Both thin or thick paper are 100% accurate.
  • Only white paper should be used.
  • 18"x23" size paper can be used for offset printing 4 sheets together.

Laser or Inkjet OMR Sheet Printer >

  • OMR Sheet printing can be printed using a Laser Printer or rezograph or digital copier printer.
  • Set the printer page to A4. Mostly standard page is set as ‘Letter’. Change it to A4.
  • Check that the inkjet printer is able to print without smudging or blotting.

OMR Sheet Printing on Offset >

  • OMR sheet printing can also be made through Offset Printing.
  • Only print using Plates. DO NOT print using tracing sheet or master.
  • Use the CorelDraw file to make plates.
  • While cutting the sheet after printing, all pieces should be of equal size.

OMR Sheet Printing using Photocopy >

  • Photocopier can be used for OMR sheet printing only if the copier machine is giving good quality photocopies.
  • Please make sure the size of the photocopy is same as the original OMR sheet design.
  • Please make sure that the Index points are printed solid black and there is no black dust or line over the bubbles or near the index points.
General Precautions for OMR Prinitng
  • DO NOT alter the Size of the sheet format.
  • DO NOT change location of circles/boxes as exported by the software.
  • DO NOT increases the line thickness of bubbles. The line thickness of the circles is kept thin to avoid interference in reading. If you make the bubble outlines very thick the software might read all bubble edges as response because ultimately software is made for reading dark areas.
  • DO NOT removes index points.
  • DO NOT change location of index points as exported by the software.
  • In any method of printing: Laser, Offset or Photocopies, ensure that 4 Black Index Points on 4 corners of sheet are properly printed.
  • The index points should be printed Solid & Dark in Black colour. If the index points are not properly printed, they will not be scanned properly and it will give trouble while reading.
  • Print to centre of page so that there is sufficient white space outside 4 index points in all 4 corners.
  • DO NOT print anything else outside or close to the Index points.
  • In case if sheet includes a cutting or tearing margin, it should be sufficiently far from the index points.
  • Any dirty or misprinted/misaligned sheets or faulty while cutting should be eliminated right at the time of printing. DO NOT USE SUCH SHEETS.
  • DO NOT increase the font of text labels printed insde the circles.
  • DO NOT use Bold or Large fonts. The font should be as small and thin as possible.
  • Coloured OMR Sheets should be used if the pattern of marking allows tick marks or thin strokes.

OMR Sheet Printing of Coloured OMR Sheets

  • Coloured OMR Sheets can be printed using Laser/inkjet printer or offset printing.
  • Only 2 colours should be used.
  • One colour Black is necessary. Second colour can be pink or orange or golden yellow.
  • Green or blue tones should be avoided.
  • Coloured OMR Sheets can also be printed using offset printing.
  • The sheets using tick marks or thin impression responses should be preferably printedn in 2 colours.
  • The sheets with bubbles having text label inside them should be preferabely printed in 2 Colours.
  • In case of Offset printing, the corner black index points are printed in both colours, such that the exactly overlap and there is no relative displacement i.e. zero-zero registration.

OMR Sheet Printing of Barcode/ OCR Serial No./ Stamped Serial No.

  • In case of stamped number printing, DO NOT spoil the sheet by stray ink marks. Stamped numbers cannot be read.
  • Only digital numbers or barcodes printied through variable data printing process can be read.
  • Barcode should be printed in 32 to 36 font size in black colour only.
  • OCR text for optical character recognition should be printed in 16-18 font size in black colour only.
  • OCR & Barcode fonts can be download from

Instructions for OMR Sheet Scanning

  • Any Flatbed or ADF Scanner can be used for OMR answer sheet scanning.
  • Addmen OMR sheet scanner software correctly reads even rotated, skewed or distorted OMR sheets.
  • Keep the sheet holding plastic brackets in the OMR sheet scanner pocket close to prevent from unnecessary tilting, straying or tangling in the OMR sheet scanner.
  • Keep the scanning area wide enough so that the corner 4 index points are properly scanned and there is sufficient white space outside them.
  • Scan as "Image / Picture". DO NOT scan as "Document".
  • Save as BMP or TIFF file only. DO NOT save as JPEG/DOC/PDF.
  • Scan at any DPI between 100-200 dpi.
  • 100 dpi OMR sheet scanning is absolutely as accurate as higher dpi scanning so no need to scan at higher dpi.
  • DO NOT increase brightness or contrast unless guided. Scan at default settings.
  • For scanning OMR sheets with OCR or Barcode, scan at 150-200 dpi in greyscale or colour mode.
  • For scanning OMR sheets with photographs, scan at 100/150 dpi in Greyscale or Colour mode.
  • For scanning OMR sheets with thin tick marks, scan at 150-200 dpi in colour mode.

Scanning of B/w Sheets

  • Prefereably scan as B/W (1-Bit) image.
  • In B/W (1-Bit) mode the approx. file size of scanned A4 sheet is in range of 100-130 KB for BMP and 40-50 KB for TIFF.
  • Avoid scanning as B/W Photo (Grayscale) or Colour Photo (RGB) to keep file size minimum.
  • But you can scan as B/W Photo (Grayscale) or Colour Photo (RGB) also. It will also work only file size will be larger.

Scanning of Coloured Sheets

  • These instructions are for sheets with 2 colour printing or sheets with photograph pasted on them.
  • Prefereably scan as colour (RGB)image.
  • Avoid scanning as B/W (1-Bit) or Grayscale to keep photo clear.



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